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Nora Talks — Nora


Nora Talks is one of a series of talks in which the three dancers of Nora share the fruits of a period of international research. Alongside guest speaker Susanna Recchia, the trio will expose the often hidden process of the curator. Nora will present a short, reflective offering before inviting those present to join the conversation, making dialogue an integral part of their research.

Nora will be doing research into creative processes, alternative dance ‘company’ models and the agency and responsibility that come with curating and casting. The motivation for this research, which will involve attending performance festivals and meeting artists, is to find new collaborators. They will publish interviews, articles and online media along the way.

Previously a duo Eleanor Sikorski and Flora Wellesley Wesley, Nora has now expanded to include Stephanie McMann. Nora established its identity as a dancer-led project in 2015.

Susanna is an Italian dance artist based in London. Her practice shifts between performing, teaching, mentoring and writing and improvisation and experiential anatomy alongside dialogue, imagination and play are the thriving forces of her work. She persistently questions the relevance of her dance practice in the current political climate.

The Kahn

Kahn Lecture Theatre, Rosebery Avenue , London , EC1R 4TN

5 Jun

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020 7863 8000

The Kahn

Kahn Lecture Theatre, Rosebery Avenue , London , EC1R 4TN