19 Jul - 6 Aug

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Sadler's Wells

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R

This summer escape to the sultry streets of Buenos Aires with the return of the tango spectacular Tanguera. High-adrenaline choreography, a seductive score and lavish sets bring this gripping love story from turn-of-the-century Argentina to life.

Packed with whirlwind twirls, smouldering eyes and flashing legs, this is tango at its most passionate, authentic and dramatic.

With all the fizz and whirl of classic Argentine Tango and sparkle of Broadway-style entertainment, 30 incredible dancers and musicians (including star tango singer Marianella) from Argentina dazzle in this exquisite display of dancing and live music. Tanguera is one summer sizzler you won’t want to miss!

"Sparkling, sensual dancing. Superb tango"
"Fantastic! A great show"
BRUNO TONIOLI (BBC Strictly Come Dancing Judge)


“Tanguera ups the stakes and gives tango a blood-and-guts love story to whip its legs around…pure heaven”


Sadler's Wells

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R