Sadler's Wells' green commitment extends to all areas of our activities and projects, including the building, the work we present, and the activities of our staff. Our commitment is spearheaded by our Green Team, members of staff from different departments whose task it is to drive forward the action plan and suggest new initiatives for the future.

  • We are part of the Arts Basket, a consortium of arts venues purchasing energy together using renewable energy.
  • We use LED lights throughout our foyer spaces, the theatre auditorium, and backstage areas such as dressing rooms and corridors. This not only uses far less energy but also produces less heat than conventional florescent lighting.
  • We continue to invest in LED show lighting where possible, as the theatre industry strives to create greener production spaces for the future.
  • We have photovoltaic cells on the roof of the foyers and also the top of the fly tower directly over the stage, which we use to generate energy year-round. As of November 2017 they have generated 15,000 KWH - enough solar energy to power 3 family homes for a year.
  • Recent refurbishments to the theatre include our Building Management System which controls and monitors our gas, electricity and water use throughout the building, enabling us to reduce our energy use and CO2 emissions year on year.
  • The borehole underneath Sadler's Wells provides us with water that we use for greywater and for chilling throughout the theatre.

Activities and People

  • We use a taxi and courier service with robust green credentials, and encourage public transport use by staff for work purposes wherever practicable, with a 95% reported use of public transport and cycling to work amongst staff.
  • We actively promote the Cycle to Work scheme and have a range of wellbeing initiatives to maintain a healthy workplace for all staff.
  • We encourage the use of water fountains backstage rather than providing bottled water, and continue to find ways to reduce plastic waste in our theatres.
  • We operate a paperless invoicing system and encourage the use of screens in meetings for agendas and papers, significantly reducing the amount of paper we use in administration.
  • Sadler's Wells has taken part in Earth Hour for the last three years, a symbolic lights-out event organised by WWF to focus attention on using less energy and protecting the planet.
  • We took part in Climathon at QEOP, a hackathon looking at ways to tackle air pollution in London.

Photovoltaic cells on Sadler's Wells roof

Membership and Monitoring

We obtained a Julie's Bicycle 4* Creative Green award in 2016 and were subsequently shortlisted for a Creative Green Award from Julie's Bicycle in 2017. 

Sadler's Wells is a member of Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership and staff are active members of green theatre organisations and bodies including SiPA.


You can download our Sustainability Policy Statement.

PV cells