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Carrete: The Gypsy Fred Astaire Directed by Ana Gonzalez Starring José Losada Santiago aka Carrete

Carette de Malaga

Ana Gonzalez is an award-winning London-based film director interested in challenging social conventions. Her film “Flamenco Queer” was acquired by The New Yorker and received support from the Pulitzer Center. In 2020, she founded Eye Rise Films.

With CARRETE – a visual and sonic profile of artist José Losada Santiago – she seeks to capture the essence of the 82-year-old dancer, creating a nuanced portrait decontextualised from the clichés that surround Spanish folk dance.

Rather than make flamenco the sole focus of Santiago’s story, Gonzalez’s goal is to emphasise the depth of the dancer’s feelings and the intensity of his life experiences as she works to push Spanish art and culture outside of the box they’ve traditionally been placed in.

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Director – Ana Gonzalez
Scriptwriter – Ana Gonzalez
Executive Producer – Eye Rise Films – Flamenco Festival
Producer – Ana Gonzalez – Miguel Marin – Pepe Zapata – Zaher Soufi
Cinematographer – Rafa Arroyo
First Assistant camera – Manu Rivero
Original Music – Francisco Sokolowicz
Graphic Designer – Laura Acquaviva
Sound Recordist – Karo Sampela
Location Manager – Pepe Zapata
Editor – Juanjo Martínez – Rafa Arroyo
Colourist – Laura Fernandez K
Sound Designer – Alex Marais
Equipment – KBN Next Media
Music – “Carrete” by Franscisco Sokolowicz