Crystal Pite

Photographer: Michael Slobodian

Why did you choose the photographer you worked with? How did you come across him/her?

Michael is legendary. Every dance artist in Canada has been touched by him in some way - either by being photographed by him, or by seeing his pictures. He is totally essential to the legacy of dance in this country, photographing dancers for nearly thirty years. I first met him in 2001, in Montreal, but I'd known about him for a long time. He has photographed my work and my company, but I think this is the first time he's photographed me. We did the shoot in my home in Vancouver. He filled the place with uplifting and hilarious energy. His passion for what he does is magnificent.

What was it that you wanted to express about yourself? Why this photo/this composition? 

I chose this picture because of all the contrasting elements. I'm leaning into my shadow. I look like I'm both grateful and craving stabilization, which is usually how I feel when creating. I like the white room, the black jacket. It's a serious picture, but Michael had me laughing for most of the day. The room looks pristine, but if you could see the floor you'd see the chaos of my 2-year-old son's toys everywhere.

Sadler's Wells Associate Artists

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