Jasmin Vardimon

Photographer: Ben Harries

Why did you choose the photographer you worked with?

I have known Ben for a few years now as he has been photographing my company for all our productions since Justitia in 2006. Ben is primarily a fashion photographer and has a great sensitivity when photographing portraits. But I have always felt that he also has a unique quality when capturing movement in an expressive way.

How did you come across him?

We met in 2005, two weeks after I gave birth to my daughter, Mayam. Ben was working on a feature for The Times Magazine which interviewed and took portraits of five couples on their style. Ben photographed Guy, myself and Mayam for that issue, and since then we have kept in touch.

What was it that you wanted to express about yourself?
Why this photo/this composition?

Ben has an interest in shooting various artists at work. He shot me working last year at the Royal Opera House, while I was creating the short opera Home with Graham Fitkin. As most of these photos were not strictly portraits but involved other people from the creative team, we decided to do a work set-up but using only close-ups.


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