Matthew Bourne

Photographer: Hugo Glendinning

Why did you choose the photographer you worked with? How did you come across him?

Hugo was my obvious choice for this portrait. I have worked with Hugo for nearly 20 years on all of the photographic imagery for our shows and posters, usually before the pieces have been choreographed! The relationship has therefore been creative and has shaped how our shows are perceived and even affected the eventual choreography that goes into the piece. This was especially true of our first Swan Lake shoot with Adam Cooper when we were creating movement in Hugo's studio that eventually became a major part of the now iconic male swan choreography.

What was it that you wanted to express about yourself?
Why this photo/this composition?

Unlike some of the other Associates, I am no longer a performer or for that matter a dancer, so Hugo concentrated on our "history" together and got me to remember some of the great shoots we have done and the friends involved. So the theme was nostalgia and memories from a long collaboration. It’s odd that I look rather serious. I actually remember it all being a lot of fun!


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