Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Photographer: Filip Van Roe

How did you come across him/her?

I first met Filip at a photo shoot for a Belgian magazine in 2012.

Why did you choose the photographer you worked with?

Looking at Filip’s portfolio it is obvious that he handles emotion and motion with great sensitivity. He can ‘catch the moment in between moments’. His images are powerful and intimate but never invasive. He also had a fantastic sense of place and context. Filip is able to tune in to his subject so that the final image still sees the subject as a person without overriding personality.

What was it that you wanted to express about yourself?
Why this photograph and composition?

I chose this picture to for this commission because it is close but not intrusive. I wanted to present myself in an ‘honest’ and open way, without escaping from my identity as a person. I feel the image says ‘you can be this close to me’ which is how it is when I am creating work for an audience.

On the day of the shoot my mind was busy working through upcoming decisions. There is an existential struggle in making new work. Each work is harder to produce than the last since with each new work the expectations rise. I wanted his portrait to give some indication of this – making dance work is a thing of beauty but it is also a challenge involving critical decisions about the overall direction and the moves within it. It is important to consider the viewers response to a piece but also not get distracted by fear of critical judgement.


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