Havana Rakatan

Havana Rakatan

A dazzling dance spectacular direct from Cuba

Nilda Guerra

Director's Assistant
Amarilys Pons

Assistant Choreographers
Mariluz Ramirez
Joel Garmendia
Yoanis Pelaez
Yordan Mayedo

Dance Professor
Arinulvis Perdomo

Musical Director
Rolando Ferrer

Set Designer
Camilo Rosales

Lighting Designer
Guy Hoare

Costume Designers
Eva Ferran
Lorenzo Urbistondo
Rolando Rius
Castano Clavel

David Chirino

Originally the dream of Cuban choreographer Nilda Guerra, Havana Rakatan has now completed four successful West End seasons and toured around the world where it has been enjoyed by thousands.

"A stunning slice of Havana life" The Independent

Salsa, mambo, jazz, bolero, son, cha-cha-cha and rumba all come alive in a dazzling dance display of Cuban passion that is guaranteed to get heads nodding and feet tapping. Set to live Cuban music courtesy of Cuba's well-known son band Turquino, Havana Rakatan is a captivating journey through the dance and music of a truly unique country.

"Rip-roaring entertainment... Expectations were fulfilled to the point of a full-throated standing ovation" Time Out

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