Lucy Carter / Michael Hulls / Nitin Sawhney - No Body

A first for Sadler's Wells, No Body is a multi-installation experience which combines all elements of a successful dance performance - lighting, sound, projection - but without the physical presence of dancers. Turning the building inside out and taking audiences on a journey of exploration, these specially commissioned works are created by leading composers, lighting designers and film-makers who regularly collaborate with dance.

Lighting designer and Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Michael Hulls invites the audience onto the main stage to experience LightSpace, an immersive installation designed to bathe the audience in light and pay homage to the humble tungsten bulb, with specially commissioned music by Andy Cowton and Mukul, and video projection by Jan Urbanowski.

Composer and Sadler's Wells Associate Artist Nitin Sawhney's Indelible is a music, sound and animation trail that allows the audience to explore the DNA of the building. Created in collaboration with Yeast Culture's Nick Hillel, whose intruiging projections create a sense of the many incredible artists who have graced the building and the audiences who have seen them perform.

Lucy Carter's intimate installations, created in collaboration with composer Jules Maxwell, will pop up in unusual spaces in the depths of Sadler's Wells building, shining a light on hidden backstage worlds and evoking new environments in existing everyday ones.

Siobhan Davies and David Hinton's The Running Tongue, made in collaboration with sound artists, animators and 22 dance artists is a film installation of a running woman played in a continuous loop. The footage is paused at random intervals to reveal selected frames treated by each of the artists, unveiling a scene embedded in reality, with fleeting moments of strange, surreal and visually poetic activity.

Sadler's Wells Associate Artist Russell Maliphant presents a triptych installation inspired by the film Erebus, which was created in collaboration with film directors Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones and originally commissioned by The Space.

★★★★ "Radiant choreography of light and sound"
★★★★ "A thought-provoking, novel and entertaining survey of dance"
"One of Sadler's Wells' most intriguing experiments yet"

A Sadler's Wells London Production.


No Body