Nats Nus Dansa — Mons

16 - 17 Nov 2013

Archived Show
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Lilian Baylis Studio

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R


Nats Nus Dansa was founded in 1987 and since 1998 the company have expanded into producing children’s shows that are renowned for their powerful sense of make believe, playful humour and sophisticated use of video.

This brand new production, Mons, is inspired by the work of the Taiwanese author and illustrator Jimmy Liao. Mons invites audiences of all ages to an imaginary world, where we find security, breathe peacefully and stroll leisurely. In a kaleidoscopic world filled with strange magical shapes, characters move in a fantasy reality, awash with colours and new experiences, where everything is possible. One of the most renowned Asian writers and illustrators in the world, Liao’s books have been translated into dozens of languages, telling accessible, simple and direct stories.

Mons is a Sadler’s Wells co-commission, and is part of an ongoing commitment to presenting the best international work for children to UK audiences.

Co-commissioned by Sadler’s Wells

Lilian Baylis Studio

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R

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