Boris Charmatz / Musée de la danse — Aatt enen tionon

17 May 2015

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Sadler's Wells

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R


Sadler’s Wells and Tate Modern present Musée de la danse in London, a major new focus on the work of French choreographer, dancer and agitateur Boris Charmatz.

Following his debut at Sadler’s Wells in 2014 with the thought-provoking piece enfant, Sadler’s Wells and Tate Modern bring to London an unprecedented series of performances, installations and provocations by one of the most radical dance makers today.

Since 2009, Charmatz has been director of the National Choreographic Centre in Rennes which he renamed Musée de la danse, reframing the traditional dance company and the dance house as a new kind of museum. Embracing the different spaces that the work naturally inhabits and questions, the Musée de la danse comes to London both in the theatre and in the museum by presenting work in both.

A radical piece created in 1996, Aatt enen tionon invites the audience to examine dance from top to bottom, from the base to the apex. The performance take place on a three level podium with a solitary and half-naked dancer on each level; Charmatz, Matthieu Burner and Lénio Kaklea. More of an art installation then a traditional dance piece, the audience are not stationary and can circle the structure, come and go and view from near or afar.

In Aatt enen tionon, Charmatz is exploring what he terms ‘strict disorder’, and how one can be full of life but isolated and solitary. Performed in conditions that one would think renders dance impossible, this exciting piece bought back to the stage, questions the existing structures of dance as performance.

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Part of Le Musée de la danse in London: presented by Sadler's Wells and Tate Modern

“Riotous, joyous and sinister. Dance rarely comes as surprising and thought-provoking as this”

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Sadler's Wells

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R

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