Chalayan Spring Summer 2019 Womenswear Collection — Pendulum

16 Sep 2018

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Lilian Baylis Studio

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R


Part of London Fashion Week

Looking at what happiness means in different regions of the world, the Chalayan Womens Collection evolves in a spirit of re-enacting and abstractly depicting various historical world events. Cultural tendencies are applied as certain actions inspired by these events and placed onto ordinary clothes.

According to this process, fabrics and prints are developed to portray pivotal events and differences in attitude on the respective continents.

In The Centre of the World, expansionism in the Roman era is represented by The Abduction of Sabine Women, dating to around 752 BC in Roman Italy. In this light, jackets as seen in a modern wardrobe are displaced on the body to simulate an attempted abduction.

Not so different from current world events, this Roman disaster is further represented by the volumes, which are picked up in the garments themselves. In another instance, built-in straps prevent garments from being pulled away any farther. These details then evolve into bag-like pockets integrated into the garment to empower the wearer, and to emphasize the ‘irremovability’ of what is worn.

The East is represented by a propensity for preservation and protection, with pieces wrapped and guarded by tulle and cotton silk. The South is symbolized by hedonism and chaos. The North is shown as a grid system in conjunction with nature. The West is represented by the power of individuality, upon which the whole collection is stylistically built.

Textiles include lightweight tailoring fabrics, printed textures, jacquard with transparent windows, lightweight papery outerwear materials, wool cotton mix tailoring fabrics, white and black denim and lightweight Japanese Jerseys.

Lilian Baylis Studio

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R

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