Alexander Whitley Dance Company — Overflow

21 & 22 May 2021

Archived Show
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Sadler's Wells

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R


Choreographer Alexander Whitley has developed a reputation for his bold, interdisciplinary approach, producing innovative and thought-provoking productions, such as his solar-physics inspired 8 Minutes, and is known for his ground-breaking use of digital technology.

His new work asks what it means to be human in the shadow of big data. Now more than ever, our lives are influenced by unseen algorithms and surveillance technologies, with filter bubbles, feedback loops and fake news having a profound impact on individual behaviour and political events. Created before the Covid-19 pandemic, but with its London premiere delayed until now, Overflow considers how our desires, fantasies and vulnerabilities are powerfully influenced by social platforms, exploring what lurks beneath our compulsions to check, share and like.

Overflow features a dazzling kinetic light sculpture, created by Children of the Light and programmed by creative technologists Luca Biada, which, along with lighting by Guy Hoare, define spaces of connection and isolation for Alexander’s intricate choreography. Costumes and 3D printed masks designed by fashion artist Ana Rajcevic are inspired by facial recognition technology, and music producer Rival Consoles’ exhilarating score incorporates samples from digital platforms and devices.

This production contains haze effects, strobe lights and flashing lights.

Find out more about Alexander Whitley Dance Company’s Overflow by reading the freesheet here.

Image description: A solo dancer seen at a distance, against a background of prismatic light, blue and violet near the stage floor, changing as it rises to yellow and red. High above, a luminous diagonal line floats in the air, perhaps suggesting a shooting star or the vapour trail of a plane. With feet planted wide apart, the dancer leans at a steep angle, one knee bent, looking up towards the line, shielding their face from the light.

Sadler's Wells

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R

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