Breakin' Convention: Breakout Convention

3 & 4 July 2021

Archived Show
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Sadler's Wells

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R

World Premiere 

UPDATE 24 June 2021: Due to international travel guidelines, quarantine and visa restrictions Dey Dey & Manuela and Compagnie Niya can no longer appear for these performances. We have added Antonio Bukhar Ssebuuma, Spin and S. I Stature to the line up.

Breakin’ Convention, the world's biggest festival of hip hop dance, is back at Sadler’s Wells for its 18th year. Join the powerhouse company for two programmes, curated and hosted by UK hip hop pioneer Jonzi D, showcasing the best from around the world, and around the corner.

This socially distanced- adapted weekend features a line-up of seven unique performances from exceptional hip hop companies including: AWA (Atypical with Attitude) as seen on BBC’s The Greatest Dancer with a piece acknowledging the power of unity. Waacking artist Bagsy asks what it means to be a man. Veteran of the award-winning Boy Blue, Gemma Hoddy presents Betty's Blues a quartet of women performing a sassy blend of iconic jazz dance shapes, punctuated by a furious popping technique. Compagnie Niya presents the UK premiere of an excerpt of Resurgence, a game between movement and sound. Plus, W.A.R (We Aint Regular) as seen on stage with Stormzy at Glastonbury 2019 bringing the raw to the festival with a world premiere performance.

Patience J returns to Breakin’ Convention with energy and attitude in the celebratory piece Colours and Spoken Movement is back with Family Honour, exploring the religious and cultural taboos in a Ghanaian family.

As well as world-class dance crews and soloists, the 2021 programme features films from Breakin’ Convention’s latest initiatives Power to the Pixel and Next Day Delivery - a collaboration between choreographers and writers. Next Day Delivery films come from winners Sun Kim and Surid - (Gas) Lighting; Anthony and Kel Matsena - Too Much, Too Little; Ken Masters and Rob Anderson; and Berkavitch and Si Rawlinson - Eat The Rich.

This programme contains haze effects.

Image description: Six male dancers, identically dressed in jeans and white tee-shirts, form a line across the stage. Three crouch as they face us, holding twisted lengths of cloth between them like skipping ropes, the loops touching the floor. Between them, dancers somersault backwards towards us, over the fabric ropes.

Image: Jinjo Crew, Breakin’ Convention 2019 © Belinda Lawley. This image is illustrative of the 2021 line-up.

Sadler's Wells

Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R

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