Access at The Peacock

When you enter through the main doors, there are 5 hand railed steps up to the foyer level and a wheelchair platform lift to the right, if required. The right hand side main door is automatic and can be opened by pressing a large rectangular button on the wall to the right outside. If you do not wish to gain access by the steps or lift there is also a ramp entrance on Kingsway. Please speak to a member of staff if you wish to use this entrance.

In the foyer area, the Ticket Office is directly in front of you, and you can collect your tickets from there. The Ticket Office has an induction loop system.

Headsets for audio described performances can be requested by speaking to a member of staff at the Ticket Office. There is a large print season brochure provided upon request and a large print programme if notice is given when booking your ticket.

There are three levels - Circle, Foyer and Stalls. There is an accessible toilet in the Foyer area and at Stalls level. A Radar key is required to gain access to the toilets and can be requested from a member of the Front of House staff.

There are stairs leading to all levels and a lift to all floors, specifically available to those that cannot access the stairs. The lift is situated to the right of the main foyer. Please speak to a member of staff if you wish to use this facility. There is also a ramp leading to the back of the Circle seating area from the left side of the main foyer.

From the Stalls bar area there are six steps leading up to the back of the auditorium. There is also a shuttle lift for those who cannot use the stairs. Please note, this lift is not designed to be used by mobility scooters.

There are two bars selling refreshments. These are on the Stalls and Circle levels.

There is a cloakroom in the Stalls bar.

The auditorium and where to sit

To the right of the Ticket Office, stairs and a lift lead down to the Circle bar and then the Stalls bar. The auditorium is accessed through the bars. This will take you into the back of the auditorium.

The auditorium seats approximately 1000 people. The seating is raked, and two aisles - one either side of the auditorium - descend in shallow steps towards the stage. There is a handrail on the outside of each aisle. There are also two aisles which divide both the Stalls and Circle into three sections.

For wheelchair users, there are three spaces: one at the back of the stalls and two at the back of the Circle. Wheelchair access into the Circle is through the Ticket Office. A member of staff will escort you to your space. There is one space at the back of the Stalls, which can be accessed by using the main foyer lift and the shuttle lift from the Stalls bar area.

The auditorium uses an infra-red induction system.

Mobility Scooters

Please be advised that although you are welcome to arrive at The Peacock Theatre in a mobility scooter, our auditorium wheelchair seating areas and lifts are not suitable for these vehicles. Patrons may leave their scooters in the foyer areas.

Guide dogs

If you are bringing a guide dog, you will probably have informed the Ticket Office when making your booking. However, if you have not, please let the theatre know by calling the Ticket Office on 0207 863 8000. Guide and Assistance Dogs are allowed in the auditorium.

Ear Defenders

We have ear defenders available for those who require them.



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