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Mission, Vision and Values

A photograph from inside Sadler's Wells looking out the foyer window
Our mission, vision and values guide everything we do.

Our Mission

Make and share dance that inspires us all

Our Vision

Create, through dance, a depth of connection beyond borders, cultures and languages, so we see ourselves in each other

Our Values

Collaboration, Excellence, Inclusion and Innovation


  • We are encouraging and supportive
  • We work as one collective team
  • We listen and empower every voice
  • We seek and value diversity of thought and experience
  • We pool our knowledge, resources and creativity
  • We create opportunities to work strategically and in partnership


  • We are ambitious and driven
  • We make and share meaningful, exciting and impactful dance
  • We do the best we can each day
  • We continuously learn and develop our skills
  • We operate sustainably by managing our resources effectively
  • We hold each other accountable


  • We are brave and kind
  • We create a safe place so colleagues can bring their full selves to work
  • We celebrate and respect our differences
  • We remove barriers to access or equality
  • We actively address all forms of discrimination
  • We engage and reflect the diverse communities we are part of


  • We are curious and bold
  • We find a better way in the every day
  • We challenge and question why, and why not
  • We take creative and calculated risks
  • We cultivate ideas, try new things and embrace change
  • We learn and grow from our mistakes and successes