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Barclays Dance Pass

Barclays Dance Pass


Get a FREE Barclays Dance Pass and unlock £10 tickets to spectacular entertainment across all Sadler’s Wells venues. The catch? There’s no catch – you just need to be between the ages of 16 and 30!*

With your Barclays Dance Pass, you can book up to 2 tickets per performance for just £10 each! Bring a friend and get ready for a fabulous night out at Sadler’s Wells Theatre and Lilian Baylis Studio in Angel, Peacock Theatre in the West End, or our brand-new Sadler’s Wells East opening soon in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.

Sadler’s Wells is known as THE place for dance. We have something for everyone to enjoy – from ballet, contemporary, flamenco, and musical theatre to alternative circus, hip hop, tango, and everything in between. With some of the world’s best performances taking place on our stages, you can be sure of a dazzling five-star experience without breaking the bank.

Sign up now and start your Barclays Dance Pass adventure today!

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*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability per performance.

Hear from our pass holders…

This season Barclays Dance Pass is celebrating Ballet with attitude. Enjoy world-class ballet at £10!

All Eyes on the Peacock

Danny Beard introduces the Peacock Theatre Autumn 2024 season!

What terms and conditions apply to Barclays Dance Pass?
  1. Barclays Dance Pass gives 16-30 year olds £10 tickets to the majority of performances at Sadler’s Wells, Peacock Theatre, Lilian Baylis Studio and some offsite performances
  2. The scheme is free to join
  3. £10 Tickets are only available for purchase by Barclays Dance Pass holders and are limited to two per production
  4. Barclays Dance Pass ticket holders including friends must be aged between 16 and 30
  5. Barclays Dance Pass tickets are not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discounts
  6. Tickets are subject to availability from an allocation per performance
  7. Tickets may only be purchased from Sadler’s Wells ticket office and website.
  8. Barclays Dance Pass tickets are exempt from the standard £3.50 transaction fee. Orders which contain non-Barclays Dance Pass tickets will be subject to the standard transaction charge of £3.50
  9. You will be able to collect any Barclays Dance Pass tickets from the ticket office from 90 minutes prior to the start time of the performance. Please note that all tickets must be collected no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the production. We reserve the right to offer your Tickets for re-sale should you fail to collect your tickets by time
  10. All Barclays Dance Pass ticket holders will be required to present proof of age in the form of a passport, photo driving licence or Student photo ID which has a clear picture and date of birth displayed, as well as the payment card used to purchase tickets at the point of entry to the auditorium of collection
  11. Failure to collect Barclays Dance Pass tickets on three or more occasions without notifying the ticket office at least 24 hours in advance will result in your Barclays Dance Pass and any future bookings you may have being cancelled. If your Barclays Dance Pass is cancelled on this basis you will not be permitted to re-apply for the scheme in future
  12. You may only exchange or return Barclays Dance Pass tickets in accordance with the Sadler’s Wells terms and conditions for the purchase of tickets
  13. Barclays Dance Pass is non-transferable
  14. Your Barclays Dance Pass will expire on the last day of the calendar month in which you turn 31, unless it ceases prior to that because you decide to cancel it, or it is revoked earlier
  15. By signing up to Barclays Dance Pass, you agree to us keeping you up to date with Barclays Dance Pass and Sadler’s Wells tickets, events and news
  16. If you wish to cancel your Barclays Dance Pass, please email
  17. The price of Barclays Dance Pass tickets are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Sadler’s Wells
  18. Sadler’s Wells reserves the right to terminate the Barclays Dance Pass scheme at any time
  19. Sadler’s Wells reserves the right to revoke your Barclays Dance Pass at any time
  20. These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with the Sadler’s Wells terms and conditions for the purchase of tickets, learning events and the use of the Sadler’s Wells website