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Sustainability for people, planet and performances

The exterior of Sadler's Wells stage door entrance to the Lilian Baylis Studio

We’re working towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and have a commitment in place to keep us focused. Our dedicated Green Team make sure we keep improving and they’re always looking for more ways we can reduce our impact on the environment.

Here are a few ways we’re acting sustainably:

Our people

  • 95% of our staff cycle to work or use public transport
  • We encourage each other to suggest ways we can become more sustainable, and everyone plays their part in daily sustainable activities, like recycling

Our theatres

  • We use plastic reusable cups in our bars instead of single-use plastic glasses, and encourage people to use water fountains backstage rather than providing bottled water
  • All our packaging is biodegradable and plant based
  • We use the borehole underneath Sadler’s Wells to supply our sinks, toilets, and temperature control
  • We use LED lights throughout our foyer spaces, the theatre auditorium, and backstage areas
  • We use renewable sources to generate 100% of our electricity
  • Our solar panels produce an average of around 17,000 kilowatt hours per year – enough to power two family homes for a year

Our activities

  • We take part in the Earth Hour campaign every year
  • We’ve developed Green Riders for visiting companies and our touring productions
  • We’re part of the Spotlight Programme – 29 cultural institutions working across England to drive down the environmental impacts of our activities
  • We reduce the amount of paper we use with a paperless invoicing system

A few things we’re proud of

  • Being part of the UK’s commitment to the Paris Agreement
  • Our five-star Creative Green rating for environmental best practice
  • Being a member of the Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership
  • Our 5/5 rating in the Creative Green certification by Julie’s Bicycle

For all the latest facts and figures, download our Sustainability Policy Statement