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Sadler’s Wells Breakin’ Convention

A group of young dancers all dressed in red jumpsuits performing on stage
Sadler’s Wells Breakin’ Convention represents the origins and evolution of hip hop culture from around the world and around the corner.

Breakin’ Convention works at the forefront of the hip hop genre. Collaborating with some of the most respected, innovative and inspirational hip hop artists, we produce world-renowned festivals and international touring productions. We work with artists and young people, running youth projects as well as educational and professional development programmes.

Breakin’ Convention was founded by UK hip hop theatre pioneer Jonzi D. He suggested creating a hip hop dance theatre festival in 2000, when he met Alistair Spalding in his role as head of dance at the Southbank Centre. The first Breakin’ Convention festival took place in 2004, when Alistair be-came the Artistic Director at Sadler’s Wells. And, after rave reviews, the festival has been included in our annual programme ever since.

Over the years, Breakin’ Convention has evolved and expanded to play a major role in our artistic programme. In 2005, Jonzi was invited to become an Associate Artist and Jonzi D Projects was formed, kicking off professional development projects including Open Art Surgery. In 2009, Breakin’ Convention absorbed Jonzi D Projects’ activities and became the organisation we are now.

We’re proud to have played a part in kickstarting the careers of many UK crews includ-ing ZooNation, Boy Blue Entertainment and Flawless. We have also hosted some of the world’s most influential acts including Project Soul (South Korea), Clash 66 (France/Germany), ILL Abili-ties (International), Flying Steps (Germany), Salah (France) and The Electric Boogaloos (USA).

What’s next? As part of the new Sadler’s Wells East, Breakin’ Convention will launch a resident hip hop school.

For more information about Breakin’ Convention, head to our website.

Programmes and projects

We have a range of programmes and projects designed to open up the world of hip hop to people of all ages, backgrounds and dance experience.