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Productions and commissions

David Hallberg holding Natalia Osipova in an arabesque leap
We partner with artists and companies and invest in their ideas to bring new dance works to life.

Sadler’s Wells productions 

A Sadler’s Wells production is a show that we create alongside an artist or company. We work with them from the initial idea all the way through to the last day of touring.

Our productions bring to life projects that wouldn’t be possible for a dance company or individual artist to create alone. Artists can approach us with a concept for a show, or we suggest an idea, collaboration or theme. We work out budgets, schedule performances, hire performers and crew and manage the show’s development from start to finish. We cover most of the costs, partnering with other co-producers as needed, and secure touring dates around the world.

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Commissions and co-productions

A Sadler’s Wells co-production or commission is a show that we invest in, but is created and managed by a partner artist or organisation. Our investment could include funds, support and expertise.