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Choreographer Conversations Akram Khan

Portrait of Akram Khan sitting on an outside staircase

What moves the world’s most influential choreographers working in dance today?

In a new series called Choreographer Conversations, Sadler’s Wells digs deep to learn more about these exceptional artists and what motivates them.

Filmed in front of a live audience, Sir Alistair Spalding talks to the renowned choreographer Akram Khan, acclaimed for his dance language rooted in ancient Indian dance form, kathak.

They discuss his journey into dance, the importance of collaboration, Akram’s philosophy on storytelling and balancing work with parenthood.

Commissioned by Sadler’s Wells Digital Stage.

Image description: Akram Khan, a male choreographer with brown skin, closely shaved hair and a dark brown and grey beard, is sitting on outdoor concrete steps. He is wearing a patterned zip jumper with blue, red, and black colours on it. Akram is looking straight at the camera with a neutral expression.

Header image by Camilla Greenwell.

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Portrait of Akram Khan sitting on an outside staircase
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Featuring – Akram Khan, Sir Alistair Spalding
Producer, Digital Stage – Rosie Mackie
DOP – Sarah Vaughan-Jones
Editor – Ben Williams
Camera Operator – Joël Cottrell
Camera Operator – James Hedgecock
Programming Coordinator – Nancy Turner
Head of Programme Management – Richard Cross
Technical Director – Oli Clark
Marketing & Communications Manager (Akram Khan Company) – Chelsea Robinson
Marketing & Communications Coordinator (Akram Khan Company) – Sabrina Pui Yee Chin
Music – Continent by ANBR

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