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Mirror WithinDirector/Editor Shakila Taranum MaanDancer/Choreographer Nahid Siddiqui

Mirror Within
A new collaboration between Shakila Taranum Maan and Nahid Siddiqui. This short film is a progression of their ongoing dialogue, representing Siddiqui’s concept of the Mirror Within as she practices the art of kathak.

The urge to dance was to connect to the sky and the earth at the same time, feeling the core of my existence at the centre of the Universe as my navel. We are all seeds, creepers and trees bearing fruit and when it’s time to surrender after being heavy with bearing fruit we bow to the mother earth in gratitude.

Buddhists used to look into water to see their faces, which is equivalent of a mirror; as water takes shape of its container, similarly the body has the ability to become air, water, fire and earth, a dancer is a painter, a sculpture, a mathematician, and a creeper; exactly like a creeper has to be directed to grow, the dancer through the hard work and strict training carves the path of her destination.

The internal and outer expansion that is experienced through dance divides the human pixels covering the space of nothingness with its aura.

The water has the stillness and clarity of a mirror to soak our reflection to move together holding each other’s hands, with and against the gentleness of gliding waves and shapes of the movements.

The sound of the ankle bells (ghungroos) is taken from the gentle chirping of birds – nature is our Guru.NAHID SIDDIQUI

Mirror Within
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Mirror Within - Nahid Siddiqui
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Nahid Siddiqui – Dancer/Choreographer
Music – Hassan Mohyeddin
Camera – Shamim Bhatti
Production Stills – Nabila C Maan
Production Assistant – Sehur Chowdhary
Researcher – Cecile Scaros
Director/Editor – Shakila Taranum Maan