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Take Part All these things we can make Charlotte Spencer Projects

A family playing with toys and household items

Adventure from the comfort of your home. This specially commissioned audio work is designed for families to explore together.

Take part and play the film

A family making things out of household items
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Play Video

This is an invitation to make and unmake all kinds of things with the objects around you as well as with your bodies – joyful, giddy, thoughtful all rolled up together. You will be offered audio instructions woven together with infectious, playful music.

Accompanying the audio is a complimentary activity pack, which is full of a variety of additional things to make, to do, to try out, and to talk about. Dip in and out of the pack and explore the activities from home as well as outside in your local area.

Families & Children Age 4+
Duration: 30 minutes plus bonus clear-up track

We would love for you to share your adventures with us. Write, draw, photograph or video your experiences and tag Sadler’s Wells on Instagram or Twitter @Sadlers_Wells.

I loved it! I give it 10/10 because it was like a challenge and we had to complete it as a family

JOSIAH (Age 9)

I liked how it brought our space alive in a different way and I liked how it connected us and then it gave us an opportunity to reflect on what was important about home

BEN (Dad)

Set-up and preparation

The video is at the top of this page and you can play this from any device you like. If you have a speaker or sound system to connect to, then all the better, but don’t worry if not. If you require a transcript of the audio, it will play on screen in the above video, or the text is available here.

The piece involves building (and de-constructing) things with objects you can find in your home. Choose a room that has the most open space for making and moving. If there are highly fragile or breakable things, or anything you don’t want to be touched whilst playing, it might be good to remove them before you begin.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you and the children you care for are safe while taking part in these activities. It is also important to have fun and allow this to be a playful experience!

The piece does create some mess however, there is a hidden track at the end of the piece that encourages everyone to help tidy so leave the audio playing or you’ll miss the clear-up.

Activity pack


Direction & Concept – Charlotte Spencer
Devised by Charlotte Spencer & Petra Söör
Sound Design – James Keane
Music & Composition – James Keane & Tom Spencer
Narration & Script Advisor – Antonia Grove
With thanks to Paul Englishby at Crescent Studios, Brighton

Images by Camilla Greenwell of Ben, Josiah (9), Talia (6) and Temitope Ajose-Cutting

Commissioned by Sadler’s Wells. All these things we can make is based loosely on Charlotte Spencer Projects’ previous work, Is this a Waste Land? – a performance through headphones for large disused urban spaces (2017). Direction and choreography: Charlotte Spencer. Devised and performed by Kirsty Arnold, Ben Ash, Ben McEwen, Thomas McKeon, Petra Söör, Louise Tanoto. Sound design and composition: James Keane and Tom Spencer. Dramaturgical advice: Jennifer-Lynn Crawford and Ruth Little. Creative Producer: Keren Kossow.

Take part is supported by:

Take part is supported by Fedora and Co-funded by the Creative European Programme of the European Union