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The Opera Locos


Five performers wearing eccentric blue and gold costumes, wigs and make up pose inside a gold frame. The frame has roses lining the bottom and has lightbulbs around the sides.
About The Opera Locos

The Opera Locos is a spectacular love story filled with colourful characters: Alfredo, a worn-out tenor with a glorious past; Enrique, the baritone precise in his macho swagger; Franelli, a quirky, pop-loving counter-tenor; Maria, a dreamy and naive soprano; and Carmen, a wild mezzo soprano.

Five exceptional singers bring their own signature style of physical comedy to this Max-Award winning (Best Musical) theatrical show that has been enjoyed around the globe. Featuring music from: Mozart, Mika, Puccini, a-ha, Rossini, Frank Sinatra, Bizet, Whitney Houston, Verdi and more – this is a totally unique and utterly hilarious show for everyone!


Founded in 1991, the Company has grown and evolved over the years to cover every side of the show business and entertainment world. Yllana covers the creation, production and distribution of comedy shows and events and at the same time manages venues, theatres and develops different projects in the cultural fields.

Over the last 33 years, Yllana has produced 38 theatrical shows: ¡Muu! (1991), Glub, Glub (1994), 666 (1998), Hipo (1999), Rock and Clown (2000), Spingo (2001), ¡Splash! (2002), Star Trip (2003), Los Mejores Sketches de Monty Python (2004), Olimplaff (2004), La Cantante Calva (2005), Buuu! (2006), PaGAGnini (2007), Musicall (2007), Brokers (2008), Zoo (2009), Sensormen (2010), ¡Muu!2 (2011), The Hole (2011), Action Man (2012), Far West (2012), Monty Python, Los Mejores Sketches (2013), Sinfònic Ara (2014), The Gagfather (2014), Chefs (2015), Lo Mejor de Yllana (2016), The Primitals (2016), The Opera Locos (2018), Ben-Hur (2018), Gag Movie (2018), Maestrissimo (2019), Glubs (2020), Greenpiss (2020), Trash! (2021), No Todo Son Pulgas (2021), The Royal Gag Orchestra (2021), Passport (2022) and The Party (2023). These productions have been staged in 50 countries about 16.000 times in front of 7 million people and have been awarded over 38 Spanish and International prizes.

Yllana´s shows had been running in the most prestigious stages of the all over the world, such as New York, Montreal, Mexico DF, Rome, Milan, Tokyo, Moscow, Buenos Aires, London, Paris and took part in some of the most popular theatre festivals worldwide like the The New York International Fringe Festival, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Festival Printemps des Courages in Toulouse, the Festival Juste pour rire in Montreal (Canada) and the Festival Off d’Avignon (France). In Spain Yllana has been awarded the Max Prize for the Best Children Show (Zoo, 2012) and the Max Prize for the best Musical Show (Avenue Q, 2012 and The Opera Locos, 2019). Yllana has also directed the famous Spanish musical Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar and followed direction of the prestigious international companies such as Mayumana (Israel), Ye-Gam (Korea), Arturo Brachetti (Italy) and Voca People (Israel).

Artistic Team & Credits

Soprano María Rey-Joly
Mezzo soprano Mayca Teba
Tenor Jesús Álvarez
Beritone Enrique Sánchez-Ramos
Counter tenor Michaël Koné

Original ideal YLLANA and Rami Eldar
Created and Directed by YLLANA
Artistic Directors David Ottone and Joe O’Curneen (YLLANA)
Musical Directors Marc Álvarez and Manuel Coves
Choreography Carlos Chamorro
Set Design Tatiana De Sarabia, David Ottone, Yeray González
Light Design Enrique Toro
Sound Design Luis López de Segovia
Costume Design Tatiana de Sarabia
Makeup Design Tatiana de Sarabia, Sara Álvarez, ARTMAKERS
Music live recorded by Orquesta Sinfónica VERUM
Orchestra Conductor Manuel Coves
Photos Lighuen De Santos
Sound Tech Carlos Calvo
Lighting Tech Enrique Toro
Stage & Tech Manager Antonio de la Torre
Production Manager Daniela Scarabino

YLLANA for Booking

The Opera Locos performing on stage
The Opera Locos