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Lilian Baylis Arts Club

If you are free on a Friday afternoon between 2-3pm and interested in learning more about the arts and our programme, then our new Sadler's Wells Culture Club (formerly the Lilian Baylis Arts Cllub) could be for you! Inspired by the life of Lilian Baylis, discover new passions (or hone exisiting ones) within the wellbeing and creative industries.

From hearing how a shy school teacher overcame her fear of speaking in public to becoming a rapping Grandmother, to an introduction to podcasting there is something for everyone. So, from the comfort of your sofa, join our new intergenerational community, as we bring you a range of activities inspired by the arts.

Spring 2021 term dates:
Until Friday 26 Mar

All sessions start at 2pm online and run fortnightly.

These free sessions to attend.

Please email for joining instructions.        

29 Jan 
Joy France – Uncensored Joy  
Join Joy France AKA the rapping granny, who after retiring from Special Needs and Difficulties teaching, turned her passion for the spoken word and poetry to become a battle wordsmith on the rap stage. Her indomitable spirit and love for crafting words to excite will inspire you to try something new. This video will give you an idea of her style and prose.
Age guidance 18+
12 Feb             
Adrian Dutton – Life Drawing - Draw with Anything 
Artist and Courtauld Institute teacher Adrian Dutton is a firm believer that everyone can draw. No preparation necessary, grab whatever you prefer, be it a smart pen, felt tip, charcoal, biros or pencil and your preferred surface. Adrian will give you an introduction into ways of leaving your mark. Using a clothed life model, this fun interactive session encourages you to take a break and hone your art skills and maybe kick off a new passion.
26 Feb             
Showmi Das – Storytelling in Classical Indian Dance
Start to explore the ancient dance of both North and South India. Over 2000 years old, this beautiful dance has gone from temples and royal courts to stage and screen broadcasted throughout the world. Showmi will lead a practical session which will include an introduction to ‘mudras’ - hand gestures, which are an essential part of the dance and used to tell stories.
5 Mar
Rory Boyle – Introduction to Podcasting
Podcasting, what is it? How do you get started and what can you talk about? From learning new skills to or refreshing your knowledge, Rory will give you tips on how to get started creating your own content. As well as a passion for arts and community, he is the podcast producer at Broccoli Content, a production company founded in direct response to the lack of opportunities for minority talent, both in front of and behind the mic.

26 Mar
Catarina Carvalho & Ana Maria Lucaciu– Room to Room
Join Catarina Carvalho and Ana Maria Lucaciu as they share their new project Room to Room. This dance project aims to connect dance artists to create a unique collection of online solos made from the responses and voices of the most vulnerable communities affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ultimate goal of this project is to connect artists with communities, spearheading new ways of working and inspiring people to think creatively.

The session will involve a short and simple movement practice.

Key Ⓦ Workshop Ⓓ Discussion Ⓣ Talk

For workshops, please make sure you have adequate space to more around, comfortable clothes and shoes are advisable.

For more information please contact us.

"I really enjoyed my first session, it helped me look at dance differently and be aware of my own posture. Thanks!"
Culture Club attendee aged 69

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