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Michael Hulls LightSpace

On tour

People observing an exhibition of lights in a dark room

LightSpace is Michael Hulls’ installation which takes the audience on stage, bathing them in light and giving them an idea of what it feels like to be a performer. Created in collaboration with video designer Jan Urbanowski and composers Andy Cowton and Mukul, it pays homage to the humble tungsten bulb and explores the psychotropic way that light affects our mood.

People observing an exhibition of lights in a dark room
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Radiant choreography of light and sound (…) A work of trippy and sometimes overwhelming beauty. Visually, the piece is a marvel


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Bia Oliveira
Head of Producing & Touring

Aristea Charalampidou
Tour Producer

Header image © Stephen White

Lighting Designer: Michael Hulls 
Production Manager / Assistant Lighting Designer: Andy Downie 
Composer / Sound Designer: Andy Cowton 
Composer / Sound Designer: Mukul 
Video Designer: Jan Urbanowski 
Sound Engineer: Nick Rundall 
Production LX and Lighting Operator: Andrew Ellis