Membership FAQs

About Sadler’s Wells memberships

What are the benefits of membership?

Members receive the following benefits:
• Priority booking
• 20% discount on most tickets
• Season brochures mailed to your door

Rehearsal Members receive all of the benefits of membership AND the following benefits:
• Invitations to free open rehearsals and Season Previews
• An extra 2 days of priority booking ahead of Members
• Dedicated telephone booking via the Rehearsal Members Booking Line
• 4 free programmes and 50% off all other programmes

How does the 20% discount on most tickets work?

Members and Rehearsal Members save 20% on most tickets for Sadler’s Wells, Lilian Baylis Studio and The Peacock productions. All shows marked with the ‘S’ symbol on show pages, or listed at are eligible for the discount.

The 20% discount is valid on up to 6 tickets per run of each show. Full terms and conditions

To receive your membership discount while booking online, please ensure you are logged in to your Sadler’s Wells online account

How does priority booking work?

Members and Rehearsal Members can book tickets for a new season of dance ahead of the general public. There are 2 main priority booking periods each year to take advantage of. Members can book their seats three days ahead of non-members, and Rehearsal Members can book their seats five days ahead of non-members.

Priority booking is available online, over the phone, and in person. Upcoming priority booking periods will be communicated by post and email.

We may announce additional priority booking periods for specific shows throughout the year. The length of these priority booking periods may vary. These will be communicated by email.

What are free programme vouchers and how do they work?

Rehearsal Members receive 4 free programme vouchers in the membership pack. These can be exchanged for a show programme at the Front of House kiosks before a performance. Rehearsal Members also enjoy a 50% discount on all other programmes by showing their membership card to a member of the Front of House sales team.

Can I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your membership by contacting the Development Team on 020 7863 8134.

Can I cancel my membership and receive a refund?

We are not able to offer refunds on any membership level.

Can I claim Gift Aid on my membership?

We are not able to claim Gift Aid on either Memberships or Rehearsal Memberships.

How does my membership support Sadler’s Wells?

Sadler’s Wells is a registered charity and we rely on the support of our audiences to produce our work both on and off the stage. Every pound spent at Sadler’s Wells enables us to create exciting new work, inspire young people through dance, and nurture the next generation of artists to make the great productions of the future. Our supporters are an integral part of the Sadler’s Wells family and make everything that we do possible.

Our charitable work includes:

• Creative learning programmes for older dancers
• Community engagement projects
• Schools engagement
• National Youth Dance Company
• Producing and commissioning new work
• Artist development including Summer University, New Wave Associate Artists and Wild Card

Find out more about our Learning and Engagement work


Membership Pack

What does the Membership Pack include?

• A welcome letter with list of benefits
• Confirmation of Direct Debit instruction (where applicable)
• Current season brochure
• Membership card (Rehearsal Members only)

Rehearsal Members will also receive 4 programme vouchers in their membership pack in addition to the above

How long does the Membership Pack take to be delivered?

• For new members, membership packs take around 2-3 weeks to be delivered to UK addresses.
• For renewing members, membership packs will be delivered around 2-3 weeks after the date the new membership begins
• Online gift membership recipients will receive their packs around 2-3 weeks after the membership has been activated by the recipient

Please note these delivery estimations are for UK addresses. Delivery times to international addresses will vary by destination. If you require a membership pack to arrive in a shorter amount of time please call 020 7863 8000 for the £70 Membership, and 020 7863 8134 for the £130 Rehearsal Membership.


Gift Memberships

Will my recipient know they’ve been bought a gift membership?

If you purchase an online gift membership and choose to send the activation code directly to your recipient, they will receive an email within 24 hours. If you choose to have the activation code sent to you, your recipient won’t hear from us until they’ve activated their membership.

If you purchase a gift membership over the phone or in person, please speak to a member of staff about how you would like us to contact your recipient.

How does online gift membership work?

When you purchase an online gift membership you will receive an activation code which your recipient can use to redeem their membership. You can choose whether to have an activation code emailed to yourself or directly to your recipient. Once the activation code has been used to redeem a membership, your recipient can start to enjoy their benefits immediately, and they will receive a membership pack in the post to their address in 2-3 weeks.

How do I redeem my gift membership?

1. Log in to your Sadler’s Wells account or create an account if you don’t already have one.
2. On your account page, select ‘Redeem Membership’
3. Enter your unique gift membership activation code and click the ‘Redeem Membership’ button

If you have any issues redeeming your gift membership, please contact 020 7863 8000 for the £70 Membership, and 020 7863 8134 for the £130 Rehearsal Membership.


Rehearsal Membership Events

How are invitations to events communicated?

Invitations to all events will be communicated by email. Please provide us with an email address to ensure you receive all invitations.

How many open rehearsals will Rehearsal Members be invited to a year?

We guarantee that Rehearsal Members will be invited to at least 4 open rehearsals a year. Places are allocated on a first response basis.

How far in advance are open rehearsals announced?

Open rehearsals can be announced up to several weeks in advance of the rehearsal date. Due to the nature of open rehearsals they can sometimes be announced at shorter notice, and the date and time may be subject to change. We do all we can to provide Rehearsal Members with as much notice as possible.

When and where do open rehearsals take place?

Open rehearsals usually take place at Sadler’s Wells theatre. They may be in the evening or daytime depending on the company schedule. We will confirm the location and timings when invitations are sent out.

How many spaces are Rehearsal Members eligible to RSVP for?

Rehearsal Members are able to RSVP for either one or two spaces to open rehearsals and Season Previews. To ensure the allocation process is fair we are unable to offer more spaces.

Can I choose which rehearsals I want to attend?

Open rehearsals are arranged with visiting companies on a case by case basis so it is not possible for Rehearsal Members to request rehearsals for productions in advance. Invitations will be communicated throughout the year, and Rehearsal Members can choose which events they would like to RSVP to. Sadler’s Wells guarantees at least four invitations per year.

What is a Season Preview?

Season Previews are complimentary events held twice a year. Artistic Director and Chief Executive Alistair Spalding presents the upcoming season, followed by an opportunity to ask questions and an informal drinks reception. Invitations to these events will be communicated via email.


Please note this information is intended for guidance only. For full details see our Terms and Conditions. If you have any queries about the benefits offered please contact 020 7863 8000 for Membership enquiries, or 020 7863 8134 for Rehearsal Membership enquiries.


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