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Aditi Mangaldas FORBIDDEN

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Aditi Mangaldas, a 63 year-old Gujarati woman, is pictured on a close up on a bare stage bathed in a vivid pink light.

Why is the world scared of female sexual desire?

In this powerful solo work, Aditi Mangaldas reflects on a question that is more urgent than it has ever been. Why are women the world over, from conservative as well as liberal societies; sanctioned, judged, controlled, hounded and eventually punished to have the courage to own their desire?

In a unique dance vocabulary of contemporary dance based on kathak, FORBIDDEN looks to explore the root of this fear and persecution. Underscored by a wide range of cultures from across the globe, Aditi will journey through emotions and experiences, reclaiming her desire.

The work is in three parts:
Awakening: Dream, Fragrant flower, Cage
Playing the Game: Denial, Adornment, Seduction, Rage
Burning: My story, Consigning to flames all that is FORBIDDEN

Dramaturge: Farooq Chaudhry
Light Design: Michael Hulls
Music Composition (Recorded): Nicki Wells
Costume Design: Kimie Nakano
Mentor: Morag Deyes

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Commissioned by: Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company – The Drishtikon Dance Foundation
Co-Commissioned by: Sadler’s Wells, London; National Centre For The Performing Arts, Mumbai; Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore
Supported by: Dance City, Newcastle and Rajika Puri, USA

Image description: Aditi Mangaldas, a 63 year-old woman, is pictured on a close up on a bare stage bathed in a vivid pink light. She wears a simple beige top and trousers and her hair is loose around her shoulders. She is crouched onto one knee with the other leg extending beside her. Her hands are held up and out, palms facing away as if in surrender. Her expression looks concerned and cautious.

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There are countless insidious ways that taboos creep into one’s daily existence. Social structures, mythology, images from popular culture, the culture of shame that women live with, all become a subconscious stream that shape our behaviour.ADITI MANGALDAS

Her artistry and poise, her dramatic gifts and unshakable technique are truly astounding; dance as effortlessly compelling as this is a joy to watch in itself, but underpinned by the questioning intelligence of Mangaldas, it becomes something transformative.MAXIM BOON

Mangaldas owned the stage without trying to earn itTHE GUARDIAN

A powerhouse of energy… Aditi has given traditional kathak a new look with imagination and sophisticationDR SUNIL KOTHARI

Her dance demonstrates what it means to be utterly free in body, mind and spirit to explore the world.SHANTA GOKHALE

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This event has passed.