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Tavaziva BOY’S KHAYA

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Two dancers wearing sportswear and ropes in a balance

Powerfully moving and personal, Boy’s Khaya is the latest work and account of Bawren Tavaziva’s early life in Zimbabwe told through a mesmerising combination of contemporary, ballet and African dance, with a spoken-word soundtrack and music.

In this moving and powerful new work, the discoveries of renowned contemporary African choreographer and music producer, Bawren Tavaziva, are a universal comment on Africa and who we are today.

Boy’s Khaya, meaning ‘servants house’, is a colonial legacy still very apparent today in Zimbabwe. It draws evocative memories for Bawren who grew up in one and speaks powerfully, through dance, about the fragility of human beings, evoking powerful emotions about Bawren’s early life and the human experience. Political persecution, slavery and modern colonialism create a rich source of untold truths. Boy’s Khaya is an immersive and unforgettable audience experience.

The soundscape and music also composed by Bawren, cleverly brings together the choreography, lighting and stage design and is performed by a cast of five dancers.

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What people are saying

Boy’s Khaya gives a beautiful, powerful comment drawing on his own personal experience of racism and apartheid in Zimbabwe

Carole Woddis, theatre journalist and critic (The Arts Desk, Reviews Gate, My Theatre Mates, London Grip,


From: £18.00


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