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Breakin’ Convention 2023 International Festival of Hip Hop Dance Theatre

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A graffiti inspired graphic image, red, green and yellow in colour. In the top centre is Jonzi D, a Black man and the Artistic Director of Breakin' Convention. To the left of him are smaller images of different hip-hop dancers, posing strong and dynamically.

The 20-year anniversary celebration from the UK’s pioneering hip hop dance theatre festival. International, intergenerational, and always inspirational.

For twenty years Breakin’ Convention have been revolutionising the hip hop scene in London and across the world. This year they are throwing their biggest party ever.

They know how to mark a milestone.

For 5 years of flava they had 5-year-old’s tearing up the Sadler’s Wells stage.

For 10 years they profiled 10 of the best UK acts.

For Breakin’ Convention’s big 1-5 they had the power of a 15-piece jazz band from the Jazz re:freshed Sonic Orchestra.

In 2023 they turn 20 – you’re not ready for what they have in store.

Spanning the entire weekend, expect jaw-dropping and inspiring performances from internationally celebrated poppers, lockers, b-boys and b-girls in a festival that showcases local talent alongside global sensations.

Hosted and curated by UK hip hop theatre legend and Breakin’ Convention Artistic Director Jonzi D, the festival also features DJs, graffiti artists and freestyle sessions taking place all over the building. Join us for this ultimate celebration of hip hop culture.


Les Twins, Rubix and Missy France | MOVER South Korea | Ghetto Funk Collective Netherlands | ILL-Abilities Netherlands/Brazil | Company Nicolas Huchard France | Threading Theater Netherlands/UK | Boy Blue UK | Gully South Block UK | Max Revell UK | BC Youth Dance Company UK


Abandoman Ireland | Rubix France | MOVER South Korea | Ghetto Funk Collective Netherlands | ILL-Abilities Netherlands/Brazil | Company Nicolas Huchard France | Threading Theater Netherlands/UK | Kloe Dean UK | Far From The Norm UK | Lauren Scott UK | Danny Francis UK | BC Youth Dance Company UK

Line up subject to change

Supported by the Korean Cultural Centre UK

[Image description] A group of eight hip hop dancers encircle a ninth, cheering him on. His elbows are high, fingers pointing down, knees soft. They all wear variations on street style – white trainers, black hoodies, baseball caps, a bucket hat, a balaclava – against a background of orange smoke and blazing lights.

Header image © Belinda Lawley

Nearest tube is

One of the world’s leading showcases of hip hop dance and dance theatre.

Breakin’ Convention is not just a show or a festival, it’s an experience.

One helluva weekend

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Freestyle Funk Forum

Lilian Baylis Studio
Saturday and Sunday at 4.30pm

Freestyle Funk Forum is an hour of improvised theatre in hip hop’s answer to ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

No two shows are ever the same in this spontaneous collection of skits brought to life through the elements of hip hop from dance and beatboxing to turntablism and rap.

Get tickets for Saturday

Get tickets for Sunday

Freestyle Funk Forum will take place on Saturday and Sunday and is scheduled around the main stage performances so they do not clash.

Add a Freestyle Funk Forum ticket to the same order as your Festival ticket and the Freestyle Funk Forum ticket will become free of charge at the checkout. Non-ticket holders can purchase tickets for Freestyle Funk Forum for £5.


This event has passed.