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Breakin’ Convention Open Art Surgery

This event has passed
A solo male dancer performing hip hop onstage

Open Art Surgery returns to in-person performances and invites you to delve into the mind and souls of some of the finest hip hop artists as they dare to try something new, dangerous and exciting!

Six acts present brand new short works devised and developed in just one week with mentorship from hip hop theatre aficionados Jonzi D and Ivan Blackstock.

This unique event, which takes place at the end of a week of intense research and development, presents six new works to the audience who are then invited to critique, feedback and ask questions to the artists involved.

Open Art Surgery is not about presenting finished work. The focus is to develop theatre skills within hip hop artists and to experiment with new ideas that could be developed further in the future.

Breaking down of the fourth wall to allow the audience to engage with the artists, Open Art Surgery is an unmissable event in the Breakin’ Convention calendar.

Hosted by Jonzi D

Open Art Surgery may contain language or content unsuitable for younger children.

Image description: A performer leans back at 45 degrees, his knees bent, feet barely making contact with the floor. His arms are outstretched, his brow furrowed in concentration. He wears t-shirt and loose trousers and is caught in a rectangle of white light the size of a small bedroom, against a black background. A mic lies on the floor just at the edge of the light

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This event has passed.