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FRAY CandyBomber

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Two hooded hip hop dancers join hands as they float in a cosmos background

FRAY follows Tullio and Ziya, two deeply bonded brothers whose connection unravels when Ziya is lured into a spellbinding virtual world by “Lucious,” an AI character he’s created for a video game contest.

The contest calls for building a great puzzle game, but as Ziya’s growing illusion blurs the line between real and virtual, Tullio is drawn into a real-life quandary in which restoring the frayed connections of their relationship means confronting the reality that people are the greatest puzzles of all.

FRAY weaves a vivid tapestry of music, hip hop dance, large screen visuals and spoken word as Tullio and Ziya struggle with what it means to love a brother, and with the very nature of what it means to be human.

Kate Duhamel: Executive Producer and Director
Jonzi D: Artistic Director
Micall Parknsun: Music Supervisor
Ola Papior: Choreography and Dance Captain
Clancy Flynn: Lighting Design

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From: £17.00
Lilian Baylis Studio
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Lilian Baylis Studio
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