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DART Dance Company Double Bill

Guest event

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Two women are superimposed up one another, contorting their torsos on a grey background

Power, passion and intricacy – DART Dance Company performs a compelling double bill evening showcasing some of the freshest young dancers on the scene, alongside two upcoming international choreographers Anton Lachky and Blenard Azizaj. Dart Dance Company is a contemporary dance company, based in Berlin and founded in 2013 by Artistic Director Kinga Varga.

DART is quickly growing and affirming itself in the Berlin performing arts scene and to this day has performed in 13 different countries around the globe. As of 2022, 45 productions, from full-length pieces to short works, have been realised by the company. The movement language of the pieces use a mixture of ballet, contemporary movement along with acrobatics and visual elements.

1st act: MAKE A WISH by Anton Laschky:
Make a Wish, guides us on a wondrous path into the world of Surrealism. The movement of the dancers draws a motive and landscape encompassing a surreal image delving into the inner depths of our own sensations, altering our understanding of what our reality is or might be and how we can interact with it. Creating new means by which we measure our own reality, the audience will twist and turn through the piece morphing into a new world; enjoying a show that is both enticing and entertaining for the viewer.

2nd act: UKIYO by Blenard Azizaj:
“UKIYO” in Japanese, means “floating world”.
For Buddhists it means “world full of sorrow”: it is a word for the endless cycle of rebirth, life, suffering, death, and rebirth which Buddhists seek to escape. An ensemble involving the bodies of 8 dancers, who perform a series of movements, sharing the same physicality, feelings and sorrows. The place where we strive to accept who we are; where we attempt to seek out the pathways we could not or did not dare to walk: the place where memories haunt us.

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This event has passed.