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DART Dance Company Lucy

This event has passed
A portrait of a woman looking elegant and serious. She extends her hand towards the camera.

DART Dance Company is a Berlin based contemporary dance company, founded by Artistic Director King Vargova in 2013. DART has so far performed in 13 different countries around the globe. As of 2023, 47 productions have been realised ranging from full-length pieces to short works. The movement language of the pieces uses a mixture of ballet, contemporary movement along with acrobatic elements.

These unique pieces will transport the audience into an alternate world. Sensuous and rich in musical nuances, this dance theatre production will be a walk through a vast and varied emotional landscape, leading to a place where it is once again possible to breathe.

The dancers will unleash their creative forces bringing to life the works of choreographers Anton Lachky and Blenard Azizaj in their pulsating and uncompromisingly physical pieces MAKE A WISH and UKIYO. In addition, the company will present a new piece cre-ated by Peter Chu, called “Text me when you land “.

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This event has passed.