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German Cornejo’s Wild Tango

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Wild Tango

Wild Tango is an absolute feast of Argentine Culture, featuring fresh and electrifying new work by internationally acclaimed Argentine tango champion German Cornejo.

This spectacular show is inspired by the origins of tango when two men danced among themselves with that unique connection, complexity, synergy, and strength generated between male dancers. As the show develops, it takes you to a whole different level.

The cast of dancers includes several world tango champions, resulting in a show with an explosive mix of tango, contemporary dance, urban, malambo, and circus elements.

This is the first time a large-scale international production about tango is performed mainly through a cast of men, exploring this traditional dance from another perspective.

You can’t miss Wild Tango’s World opening at the Peacock Theatre. Join us and explore tango at its wildest.

Image description: A company of ten dancers of white or Latin heritage, mainly men, face us, posed with a challenging gaze. They have neat moustaches and buzzed haircuts, and are in crisp white or black t-shirts and vests, with muscular arms on display, jeans carefully ripped. They sit or stand on or around a trestle table in a grey industrial space.

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This event has passed.