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María José Llergo ULTRABELLEZA

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A group of young adults running in a field at dusk, displaying motion blur, with a focus on a central woman with long dark hair.

Electronica and R&B sounds meet Andalusian flamenco with the music of María José Llergo.

Experience the sounds of María José Llergo’s highly anticipated second album, ULTRABELLEZA, live in the Lilian Baylis Studio. Her powerful music embraces diversity in flamenco and celebrates self-love and empowerment. In María José’s own words: “There’s nothing wrong with you – you are ultra-beauty”.

María José Llergo is a multidisciplinary artist, principally a singer, composer and virtuoso in various instruments. Since it’s release in 2023, she toured the US with ULTRABELLEZA and the album won the Best Album of the Year 2023 Award at the Ruido Awards.

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