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Normal Conditions / Nicola Conibere Carareretetatakakekerers

This event has passed
Dancers edited together in a collage

Carareretetatakakekerers is a discordant dance show for our times.

This Autumn, Normal Conditions / Nicola Conibere make their Lilian Baylis Studio debut. Three performers quiver their way through dance techniques and get caught in loops. They host divergent rhythms, spend energy getting nowhere, and trip themselves up. Recycling actions from previous performances, physical coaching and social situations, they channel all the trainings in their bodies and see what happens. They try to take things slow but sometimes get caught in the routine.

Embracing interdependence and practices of care, Carareretetatakakekerers asks when and why bodies are thought to exceed themselves. What futures or planes of relation are possible when we recognise that we hold each other up? After all, self-reliance can be so austere.

Created through a process including COVID infections, pings, remote rehearsals and masked dancing, Carareretetatakakekerers is presented by Normal Conditions – performed and co-created by Annie Hanauer, Helka Kaski and Ming with original sound composition by Duncan MacLeod, costumes by Lucille Acevedo-Jones, lighting by Marty Langthorne, dramaturgy by Martin Hargreaves, promotional designs by Ted Young-Ing and choreographed/conceived by Nic Conibere. same time. You’re welcome to watch.

Presented by Normal Conditions: Lucille Acevedo-Jones, Nic Conibere, Annie Hanauer, Martin Hargreaves, Helka Kaski, Marty Langthorne, Duncan MacLeod, Adrienne Ming, Nikki Tomlinson. Supported using public funding from Arts Council England.

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This event has passed.