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Paco Peña Flamenco Dance Company Solera

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Two musicians are playing guitars. Two dancers, one in a yellow dress and one in a suit, are in a strong pose.

Paco Peña creates the perfect blend using flawless flamenco and fine aging.

What can be created when young flamenco dancers and the expertise of older artists come together? That is exactly what world-renowned flamenco guitarist Paco Peña will show you in Solera.

Enter their rehearsal room as they explore the genre together and then take to the stage with a unique performance that is both quiet and celebratory, soulful and full of life.

Flamenco is not a written tradition but one handed down from one generation to the next. The best performances incorporate part of what has been created before by the great practitioners of the past as well as the vibrancy and innovation of young dancers.

Peña’s passionate work, created with long-term collaborator, director Jude Kelly, debuted at Sadler’s Wells in 2022. Solera is an exploration of artistic wisdom and the fearlessness of youth in the search for new expression.

Hear Paco Peña talk about all things Solera

Header image © Elliott Franks
Image description: Two musicians and two dancers perform on a bright blue floor with a black backdrop. The musicians are sitting and playing guitars. The dancers are in the centre of the image, one wearing a yellow dress and the other is in a black suit. They are dancing together in a strong pose with arms reaching out.

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Bewitching… what more could you ask for?

spellbinding… they are sensational

Paco Peña’s Solera – the perfect blend

A show full of exceptional individual performances


Solera (noun)
Spanish method of wine creation that mixes the qualities of younger and older wines to create the finest blend. Barrels are stacked in a unique formation and new wine is added to the top barrels, travelling through the system to infuse with the aged wine below.

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This event has passed.