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Pagrav Dance Company Kattam Katti

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Four kathak dancers jumping

This Autumn, Pagrav Dance Company make their Lilian Baylis Studio debut.

Kattam Katti taps into the competitive chaos, creativity and colour of Uttarayan, the world-famous International Kite Festival taking place in Gujurat, North India. The festival sees millions of people from different cities, religions and social classes come together to fly kites to mark the transition from winter into spring.

Rooted in classical Indian Kathak styles fused with contemporary storytelling and design, Pagrav Dance Company brings to life stories with enchanting lyricism, exquisite technique and drama.

Created and performed by a new generation of British dancers of Indian heritage and accomplished musicians playing specially composed music live. We are invited into the highs and lows, loves and losses of the festival and ultimately of our connections with each other, drawing parallels with universal themes of society’s inequalities.

Image description: Four kathak dancers seem to levitate several feet above ground, right arms extended straight out behind, left arms folded in front of their chests. Their feet are invisible, tucked up under long, jewel-coloured robes. To the left, two musicians sit cross-legged behind a tabla drum and hammered dulcimer.

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Combines the modern with the traditional… producing dance that is both powerfully evocative, yet frankly relevant.


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This event has passed.