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PwC Presents its Panto Beauty and The Beast

This event has passed
PwC performing a pantomime on stage

Join PwC staff and alumni in their delightful annual pantomime.

Once upon a time in a castle in the faraway land (ok – across the channel) of France, an evil enchantress put a curse on a prince who thought he was all that, and turned him into a ferocious Beast. Now he will forever be this Beast until the curse is broken, which can only be done when he learns that who we are on the inside is just as important as how we look on the outside. In a nearby village a girl named Belle dreams of adventure.

Unforeseen events take her away from her village as the Beast and Belle find themselves on an unexpected collision course that may change their lives forever! Along with the prince’s former household staff, who have all been turned into walking, talking household objects (odd, we know), Belle tries to show the Beast what it really means to be human and that true beauty can only come from within. But Belle and the rest of the castle household must watch out! The evil enchantress and her lackeys will do all they can to stop her breaking the curse!

As our tale continues, we can only ask, can Belle help the Beast to break the curse before the last petal falls? Can the local librarian organise the Beast’s extensive library? And will Belle’s father ever get his play on le Broadway?

Only time (and the Pantomime) will tell! Tick-Tock!

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What is the PwC Pantomime?

The PwC Pantomime aims to bring joy to children and spark in them a life-long love of the performing arts by giving them the chance to see a theatrical production at a professional theatre. Each year, PwC gives away around 8,000 tickets to disadvantaged children from inner city schools and charities, in addition to providing free transportation to the show and an interval snack, courtesy of our generous sponsors. Special performances are signed for hearing impaired children and described for visually impaired children.

The Pantomime is put together by around 250 PwC staff and alumni who work on all aspects of the production in their spare time, covering everything from acting, singing, dancing and directing to script and lyric writing, costume design, make-up, lighting, sound, backstage crew, music arrangement and playing in the band. The PwC Pantomime is an important part of the PwC in the Community programme in the UK and is supported financially by the PwC Management Board and the fundraising efforts of the PwC Pantomime Production Team.

Beauty and the Beast will be the 37th PwC Pantomime and each year the Pantomime supports a different charity. This year PwC are proud to be working with Red Balloon, who provide an alternative to school which enables young people to re-engage with education. They have both ‘physical’ and virtual Centres to best meet students’ needs as students are at the heart of what they do. Through engaging with Red Balloon, students can grow as individuals, restore their confidence, develop resilience, and build the skills they need to successfully handle returning to education, work, or further training.


This event has passed.