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Rambert2 Home & Killer Pig

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Eleven dancers in their early twenties are gathered in a group

In February 2020, 11 early career artists were chosen to join the Rambert2 ensemble for their outstanding ability and individuality.

This is their on-stage debut as a company, unleashing their creative forces with a double bill featuring work from Sharon Eyal, with her pulsating and uncompromisingly physical Killer Pig, and new work created especially for this ensemble by Micaela Taylor.

Micaela Taylor is one to watch for 2021. Her undeniable brilliance is hard to categorise and always evolving. In her new piece, Home, we see influences of hip hop, classical ballet and Gaga, and the result is a totally fresh feel.

This performance contains haze effects, flashing lights, loud music and depictions of violence.

Image description: Eleven dancers in their early twenties are gathered in a group, bodies overlapping but each at a different angle, looking in different directions. Some reach up, some twist shoulders as they pull white translucent shirts on or off. They are unified by the soft blue, brown and grey clothes they wear.

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This event has passed.