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The Neon Lights Kiki Ball

This event has passed
Kiki Ball © Ornella Ospino (blkmoodyboi)

The Overall Godparent Sattva Angels invites everyone to The Neon Lights Kiki Ball at Lilian Baylis Studio! “Flashy”, “neon” and “bold” are the keywords of the day. Come around and let’s have a Kiki!

Ballroom Culture originated in the 60s in New York founded by Black, Brown and Latinx trans women. In a world that did not accept them for who they are, they created this safe space to be able to express themselves truthfully. Their creation, born from their unapologetic strength has inspired multiple people over many generations. We have seen their influence worldwide in fashion, entertainment, politics, media, music and more.

Ballroom is a safe(r) space that prioritises QTIBIPOC (queer, trans and intersex Black, Indigenous People of Colour). Please be mindful and respectful of who the space is for.

If you are new to ballroom and/or intend on walking the ball, please get to know the categories, history and get involved in the scene first before stepping out on the runway. Find the detailed Ball description in the Facebook link.

Supported by Sadler’s Wells.

Header image © Ornella Ospino (blkmoodyboi)

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This event has passed.