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Karen Ruimy presents When Jazz Meets Flamenco

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A woman in a silver dress and heels stands confidently looking into the camera

Flamenco jazz is a style which mixes flamenco with jazz. As flamenco artists in the 1960s and 1970s such as Paco de Lucia and Cameron de la Isla, started experimenting with traditional music they had learned in childhood, a Nuevo Flamenco, a newly evolved flamenco style.

As more musicians around the world also experimented by mixing flamenco with other genres in the 1970s and 1980s, artists started recording albums full of impressive techniques, flamenco rhythms, and improvised solos over jazz chord sequences.

Renowned flamenco dancer, Karen Ruimy, comes back to the Lilian Baylis with When Jazz Meets Flamenco. This work aligns with the jazz world she visited while working with the late and great Phil Ramone on her album, Black Coffee. This inventively magical show fuses influences from many cultures, bringing two powerful styles of music together which make something powerfully special to listen to and watch.

Musical director for the show is Youth – a founding member of Killing Joke and The Fireman alongside Paul McCartney.

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This event has passed.