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ABC (Academy Breakin’ Convention)

A dancer dressed in all black balances in a one-handed handstand
Hip Hop Education at Sadler’s Wells East
Watch an introduction to Academy Breakin’ Convention

Academy Breakin’ Convention is the ABC of hip hop theatre, offering a full-time further education programme for creative and talented 16 – 19 year olds. Academy Breakin’ Convention will cover the foundations of hip hop ensuring graduates are well versed in all ABC elements: Breaking, DJing, Emcee, Graffiti, Music Production, Popping and Hip Hop Social Dance. ABC will provide global perspectives of the socio-economic studies around the communities that create hip hop with a focus on creating theatrical performance.

Created by Breakin’ Convention, ABC is the brainchild of Jonzi D and one of the major initiatives at Sadler’s Wells East. Based at Sadler’s Wells recently developed fourth venue in East London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, ABC will be part of East Bank, alongside the BBC, UAL’s London College of Fashion, UCL and the V&A. The site will form a new cultural hub for young creatives, presenting opportunities for collaboration and innovation between organisations and communities.

ABC offers young people of all background an exciting, energetic and inclusive approach to education. We encourage creativity and originality whilst acknowledging the values of hip hop culture; peace, love unity and having fun. Students will receive high quality training, studying the technical elements to prepare them for further studies, performance work and opportunities in the wider creative industries. Hip hop is part of our creative future and ABC will nurture artists to become cultural contributors and future leaders.

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We need to adapt our institutions to accommodate the everchanging artistic environment. We need to find new ways to embrace new forms. We need to redefine excellence. We need a Hip Hop Theatre AcademyJonzi D, Academy Breakin’ Convention Artistic Director 

Header image © Paul Hampartsoumian