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Breakin’ Convention 2024 International Festival of Hip Hop Dance Theatre

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Breakin' Convention 2024

Fuel your soul this spring with Breakin’ Convention, the world’s biggest festival of hip hop dance theatre.

Hosted and curated by Jonzi D, the festival features the freshest works from your favourite artists.

Get bank holiday ready for jaw-dropping performances, live DJ’s, dance workshops, graffiti, emcees, and spontaneous cyphers all over Sadler’s Wells in an unforgettable experience. Welcoming all hip hop heads from the old school to the new school.



ShaolinOrShao UK | CREATE4 Netherlands | Ekleido UK | GSB UK | Jamal Sterrett UK | Sons of Wind France | Cie Kilaï France | TRAPLORD UK | Femme Fatale International | Jinjo Crew South Korea


Jinjo Crew South Korea | When Time Was New UK | Company DHW UK | CREATE4 Netherlands | Boy Blue UK | Cie Kilaï France | Sasha Mahfouz Shadid UK | Femme Fatale International | Sons of Wind France

Line up subject to change.

Nearest tube is

One of the world’s leading showcases of hip hop dance and dance theatre.

Breakin’ Convention is not just a show or a festival, it’s an experience.

One helluva weekend

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Freestyle Funk Forum

Lilian Baylis Studio
Saturday and Sunday at 4.30pm
Running time: 30 minutes

Freestyle Funk Forum is an hour of improvised theatre in hip hop’s answer to ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

No two shows are ever the same in this spontaneous collection of skits brought to life through the elements of hip hop from dance and beatboxing to turntablism and rap.

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Freestyle Funk Forum will take place on Saturday and Sunday and is scheduled around the main stage performances so they do not clash.

Add a Freestyle Funk Forum ticket to the same order as your Festival ticket and the Freestyle Funk Forum ticket will become free of charge at the checkout. Non-ticket holders can purchase tickets for Freestyle Funk Forum for £5.

Breakin’ Convention Workshops

Sadler’s Wells Studios
Saturday and Sunday

The Breakin’ Convention festival’s workshop programme is a hot house of technique, challenge and creativity. This is your opportunity to hone your technique or try dance for the first time, learning from some of the best hip hop, house and funk style dancers from across the globe.

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This event has passed.