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Breakin’ Convention Presents: The Ruggeds State Shift

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The Ruggeds State Shift © Emile Vrolijk

Adapt, improvise, overcome. The Ruggeds present a vivid duo of pieces about going with the flow or swimming against the tide.

State Shift is a performance about adaptability, with the solo Turns and the duet Waterbrothers.

As water changes shape, Lee and Roy change their approach to the floor. In the duet Waterbrothers, they challenge each other in a stream of movements in which the younger brother sometimes storms past the older one.

In the solo Turns, Virgil ‘Skychief’ Dey tries to find his way. His ability to move gives him the freedom to always take a new path. State Shift is an intimate evening with musical accompaniment by Jessy ‘Boi Beige’ Kemper.

The Ruggeds have been a collective of breakers for 15 years and are pushing the boundaries of their dance style in the theatre.

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[Image description] Two men wearing everyday jeans and jumpers swim underwater like dolphins, their backs gracefully arching to form a circle together, their bare feet soft. Air bubbles stream upwards through the clear water.

Header image © Emile Vrolijk

Nearest tube is
State Shift, is surprising, intimate and modest
★★★★ de Volkskrant

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This event has passed.