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Susan Kempster & Charlotta Öfverholm Mother + In A Cage of Light

Elixir Festival

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Two performers are sitting on a chair, one is raising a sword high and the other is leaning back, surrendering to the sword.

How do we view our own bodies as we age?

Susan Kempster and Charlotta Öfverholm explore the physicality of different bodies, in a double bill that is as intimate as it is darkly funny.


MOTHER is an intergenerational duet that invites the audience to question intimacy and who we are to each other.

How can the dynamic of a mature woman and a young man avoid the narrative of a mother and son? And what happens as our perception of these bodies is swapped and altered?

Susan Kempster explores the intimate physical connection that two very different bodies can create on stage.

In A Cage of Light

Be thrown into a physical world of humour, irony and darkness.

Charlotta Öfverholm looks at our relationship with our own bodies through the lens of a mature dancer in this energetic piece featuring live music, powerful movement and bold characters.

A stage performer who has been in the spotlight her whole life is forced to reevaluate her trust in her changing body. If your self-image was built in a cage of stage light, do you dare to trust that it is still intact when the lights switch off?

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Image description: A black and white image of two performers and a plume of smoke against a dark background. The performers are sitting on a chair, one raising a sword high and the other leaning back ready to take the sword to the heart. This image gives feelings of power and surrender.

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This event has passed.