At Sadler’s Wells, we are committed to ensuring we operate as sustainably as possible in all areas of our work. As a leading creative organisation delivering work locally, nationally and internationally, we embrace the role we play in raising awareness of climate change among our staff and audiences, and in championing action to combat it.

Creativity and sustainability are among our core values, as we believe both are central to the future of arts and culture. We are proud of our five-star rating (out of 5) in the Creative Green certification by environmental charity Julie's Bicycle.

Through a comprehensive green action plan spearheaded by our Green Team, we continue to explore ways to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, and to promote best practice within our community and the creative industries sector for an environmentally sustainable future.

Sustainability at Sadler's Wells

Our people


  • actively promote the Cycle to Work scheme among staff
  • strongly encourage public transport use wherever possible. Both cycling and public transport are used by 95% of our staff when travelling to work
  • promote the exclusive use of taxi and courier services with robust green credentials
  • operate a paperless invoicing system, significantly reducing the amount of paper we use in administration

Our place


  • encourage the use of water fountains backstage rather than providing bottled water, and continue to reduce plastic waste in our theatres
  • use the borehole underneath Sadler's Wells to provides us with the water used for our sinks, toilets, heating and cooling
  • invest in LED show lighting wherever possible, in response to a growing need in the theatre industry to create greener production spaces for the future
  • use LED lights throughout our foyer spaces, the theatre auditorium, and backstage areas, such as dressing rooms and corridors. This not only uses far less energy, but also produces less heat than conventional florescent lighting
  • have photovoltaic cells on both the roof of the foyers and the top of the fly tower directly over the stage, which generate energy year-round. We produce approximately 17000 kwh (kilowatt hours) on average per year – enough to power two family homes for a year
  • use renewable sources to generate 100% of our electricity

Our activities


  • have taken part in the Earth Hour campaign for the last five years, a symbolic lights-out event organised by WWF to focus attention on using less energy and protecting the planet
  • are part of the Accelerator Programme, an ongoing collaborative initiative funded by Arts Council England and led by New Adventures to develop a new blueprint for environmentally sustainable touring in theatres and dance houses across the UK
  • have developed Green Riders for both the visiting companies that we host and our own productions when we tour
  • are part of the Spotlight Programme – a committed group of 29 cultural institutions working across England to drive down the environmental impacts of our activities
  • participated in the 2017 Vehicle Idling Action campaign in 2017, supported by the Mayor of London and delivered in association with Islington Council, in a bid to lower levels of pollution in our local community


We are proud of:

  • our full alignment with the UK’s commitment to the Paris Agreement and five-star Creative Green rating for environmental best practice
  • our three Creative Green Award nominations by Julie’s Bicycle in 2019 in the following categories: Best Cultural Venue, Outstanding Achievement and Improvement
  • our nomination for Highest Achievement for Understanding at the 2017 Creative Green Awards
  • our nomination for Best Cultural Venue at the 2018 Creative Green Awards
  • the mini herb garden we have in the courtyard, providing herbs to be used in our kitchen!

Sadler's Wells is a member of Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership.

You can download our Sustainability Policy Statement here.


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