Michael Keegan-Dolan

Photographer: Richard Gilligan

Why did you choose the photographer you worked with?

Richard took an amazing shot for Fabulous Beast in 2010. It was of a naked dancer brandishing a large knife, perched on the end of a brass bed intent on slaughtering older women lying asleep in the bed.  The photograph was taken in a field in Ireland in December on a cold and windy night. The photograph was so strong I asked Richard back to photograph the Rian rehearsals and he also shot portraits of the company for the Rian programme. He was the natural choice for this commission.

How did you come across him/her?

I met Richard through Conor and David who design our website, stationary, print material and t-shirts. They had worked with him before I met them and recommended him highly. His experience photographing skate-boarders has proved useful when shooting dance and theatre.

What was it that you wanted to express about yourself?
Why this photo/this composition?

My little two year old daughter, Ellie had head-butted me on the bridge of my nose with her front two teeth the day before this photograph was taken. We decided not to hide this in the photograph. The work I make is always a true reflection of the process. There are no tricks or illusions. I like to think this portrait shares some of these same principles.


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